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The CHARM restaurant in Grand hotel Sole offers you an unforgettable culinary experience of Asian cuisine. Discover the authentic tastes inspired by Vietnamese cuisine, using freshly prepared ingredients our dishes are finely spiced, but not too hot and contain seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs. Meat is used only as a supplement. Our food is low in calories, yet filling.

Vietnamese cuisine is influenced by that of China and France, as former colonial powers, and our trading partners India and Portugal, as well as our immediate neighbours Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. However, our culinary tradition has remained independent and we do our best to bring you authentic experiance charakterizied by combionation of flavors, aromas and soul of our cusine. 

Whether you are planning a family elebration, romantic dinner or business lunch, CHARM restaurant right in the heart of Nitra is the perfect place for you. We looking for your visit.


Take away and delivery

Now you can order our food for take away or delivery.

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Your CHARM team :)


ALERGÉNY V POTRAVINÁCH: 1. Obilniny obsahujúce lepok t.j. pšenica, raž, jačmeň, ovos, špalda, kamut alebo ich hybridné odrody; 2. Kôrovce a výrobky z nich; 3. Vajcia a výrobky z nich; 4. Ryby a výrobky z nich; 5. Arašidy a výrobky z nich; 6. Sójové zrná a výrobky z nich; 7. Mlieko a výrobky z neho; 8. Orechy, ktorými sú mandle, lieskové orechy, vlašské orechy, kešu, pekanové orechy, para orechy, pistácie, makadamové a queenslandské orechy a výrobky z nich; 9. Zeler a výrobky z neho; 10. Horčica a výrobky z nej; 11. Sezamové semená a výrobky z nich; 12. Oxid siričitý a siričitany v koncentráciách vyšších ako 10 mg/kg alebo 10 mg/l; 13. Vlčí bôb a výrobky z neho; 14. Mäkkýše a výrobky z nich


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